van Breda Suzuki

Van Breda Classic Collection

Van Breda Classic Collection

Van Breda Racing

Here are some of our Classic Bike Restorations currently on our showroom.

IMG-20190313-WA0022 IMG-20190313-WA0021 IMG-20190313-WA0020 IMG-20190313-WA0019 IMG-20190313-WA0018 IMG-20190313-WA0017 IMG-20190313-WA0016 IMG-20190313-WA0015 IMG-20190313-WA0026 IMG-20190313-WA0024 IMG-20190313-WA0023 IMG-20190313-WA0025 IMG-20190313-WA0014 IMG-20190313-WA0010 IMG-20190313-WA0009 IMG-20190313-WA0008

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